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Itch itch, scratch scratch!
911 Fixing someone else's mistakes


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 Medium length beach waves are all the rage this season. St. Patricks day is nearly here. How fun to have a flirty Irish swing in your hair to go along with your flirty Irish party girl  outfit! 
 Here's to the breezes that tickles and teases, that lifts the skirts above the knees's ,oh Jesus, here's to Irish Wiskey,  may you go down swiftly.

Itch itch, scratch scratch!

 It's that dreaded time of year again. When your skin is driving you crazy! How can it be Raining, Snowing, and Icy outside and I'm shriveling up like a prune? My legs look like they belong to a Lizard and my face has aged 20 years! I'm digging holes in my bra line and scratching my back against the wall!
 It's time to EXFOLIATE! A Loofah sponge and a Sugar scrub on the body and limbs is a great way to start. Using Olive oil afterwards to moisturize. 
For the Face I highly recommend a peel.



We are so excited about Pure's new product line
SMOOTH PERFECTION and you will be too! A great product to smooth out frizz without weighing hair down. Perfect for the fine flyaway hair that has been chemically treated or not? Buy it here at CURL UP n DYE when you have your next appointment . (971)533-0248

911 Fixing someone else's mistakes

 Michael called me with an urgent need! He had just gotten a bad Hair cut from a Salon just down the street. He has school in the morning and isn't allowed to wear a hat.
 I couldn't turn him away. I opened the shop back up and I was happy to give him a complimentary Hair cut. I love helping my community there worth it!


Guy Tang' New Obsession over METALLICS. Get them here at CURL UP n DYE

Custom Hair style to complete your look!

Fun fantasy hair styles and color creations.


Old Hallow's Eve is upon us!

Don't get caught with frightful hair color  and scary roots!
Be the Bell of the ball with a fun fabulous boooutiful hair do.


Spring Break is nearly here! Let's make sure you are ready. Planning ahead for those vacations can be time consuming. Get ahold of your stylist early so you can be sure you have your appointment scheduled before you leave. This is a bizzzzy season for your stylist. 

This is the perfect time to freshen up out looks and faded color. 

Don't take sand to the beach and more. February 1/2013

Time to escape to a warm beach to get you through to summer.
Leave the blow dryer ,flat iron, and curling iron at home.
Do bring an anti frizz cream such as Redken's Out shine for curly hair.You will need a heavy gel for unruly hair like Redken's Hard up.
Now the hair band and or head band. Using your hair band and Slicking the hair smooth away from the face and adding a part on the side and tucking the ends into a bun will give you a classy and carefree look for all of your activitys. For curly hair all you need is your smoothing cream and your head band pulled off the face. You may also want to use your heavy gel around the face to give a smoother look. Now add a pair of big earings and your set. Make sure you ask your stylist ahead of time to get you some travel sized product.

Sunscreen it's not just for skin.

Yes it's coming
and when it does I want you to be ready.
You have invested your hard earned money in your hair
so lets protect it !
 PUREOLOGY has a wonderful product that actualy
is sunsreen for your hair. Now you can ditch the hat!
Call for your PUREOLOGY today.
(971) 533-0248
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